“Tune up that Mandolin! …It’s already in tune…”

           “Bring your fiddle next time, not your violin…”

                      “Needs more cowbell…”

Out of the Hills is our Bluegrass Band at Shepherd of the Hills.  We’ve got a bass, a mando, a fiddle, a banjo, a guitar, a washboard, and some crooners, but there’s always room for more…


The Bluegrass Band meets on Tuesday evenings at 6pm.  We put together hymns, gospel numbers, and country pieces to share in worship.  We lead music in Sunday morning worship.  It’s a relaxed group that enjoys singing classic American hymns and gospel.



Repertoire sampling:

“I’ll Fly Away”
“Somebody Touched Me”
“Lead Me on”
“I Saw the Light”
‘“There is Power in the Blood”
“Wayfaring Stranger”
“Lean on the Christ”
“In the Palm of Your Hand”