Mission Statement:

The Generosity Ministry Team of Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, in ministry to our congregation, our community, and the world, joyfully and prayerfully supports and encourages individual and corporate stewardship of resources, service, and financial commitment as testimony to the generosity of our Lord.


  • Develop a focused and organized yearly campaign to ask all members for a financial commitment to the work of the church.
  • Encourage members to give of their time and talents to strengthen the church and the community.
  • Create a yearlong program of Generosity awareness emphasizing the scriptural basis for Stewardship as a way of life. This message might be carried in monthly articles in the newsletter, in sermons preached from the pulpit, in bulletin inserts, in Temple Talks and in special events on a Stewardship theme.
  • Work with the Faith Formation Ministry team to develop a Stewardship program for children and youth of the church.
  • Greet new members and introduce them to the opportunities and responsibilities of Stewardship as part of church membership.
  • Work with the financial staff of the church to inform the membership on a quarterly basis as to the financial health of the church.
  • Develop and submit a yearly Generosity Ministry Team budget to reflect the costs of the financial campaign as well as other events planned throughout the year. Submit this Team budget as requested by the Congregation Council.
  • Work with the Congregation Council to assure that the portion of giving which is devoted to needs outside our own congregation is seen as “first gifts giving” to the larger church.
  • Support the work of the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church Mission Fund in educating members to the opportunities for special giving in the form of bequests or special donations.
  • Model lives of joy and service as ways in which we worship our Lord.